1,800 WhiteHat Jr Employees Stuck In Limbo Amid Reshuffle

WhiteHat Jr is undergoing an internal reshuffle of more than 1,800 employees as it gears up to shift priorities around “growth verticals”, as per founder and CEO Karan Bajaj. Although Inc42 says that there is discontentment among employees about the new roles and the transition, as WhiteHat Jr deepens its ties with BYJU’S.

As per a WhiteHat Jr employee, “We have been given the option to move to BYJU’S after an interview or take a severance package of two months to exit the company,” though Bajaj refuted the claim about employees being let go, and said, “There are zero layoffs categorically.”

After a controversy-filled year, it seems that WhiteHat Jr’s priorities have changed from being just a B2C coding edtech platform to math and other courses, becoming a global player, along with creating a strong B2B solution. Let's see how this change turns out for the Edtech company.

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