100X.VC announces new portfolio of startups, drives investment up to Rs 25Cr in 2021

Venture capital fund 100X.VC has announced its new portfolio of 10 seed-stage startups as part of its Class-03 portfolio. The startups were handpicked from 1,677 applications, out of which, 303 applicants passed the initial diligence. The investment size for each early-stage startup would range from $30,000 to $140,000.

The selected startups are Vitra.ai, Accio Robotics, Kerala Banana Chips, BurnCal, Solvio.ai, DCode Care, Cora, SaleAssist, Vecros Technologies, and MicroDegree & they belong to multiple categories including Artificial Intelligence, robotics, F&B, edtech, SaaS, and healthcare alongside others.

100X.VC aims to go beyond mere funding the startups. It will open its network, expertise, and resources and aims to help founders craft a scalable business model. Essentially, it will guide startups from Proof of Concept (PoC) to market stage.

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