1Tab: A Thriving Brand Emerging In The HealthTech Space!

The story of 1 Tab started outside a pharmacy in Delhi. When Sunil Tripathy, a seasoned entrepreneur working with chronic patients in the US, visited India for the birth of his daughter. While standing in the queue for medicines, Mr. Tripathy spotted a restless man anxiously waiting for his turn at the counter. A brief interaction with him revealed how this was the fifth pharmacy he had visited that evening and how every single time, despite waiting in multiple queues at multiple pharmacies, he still could not get all the medicines crucial for his critical wife’s survival. The stark difference in the way Mr. Tripathy sourced for his medicines back in the US and how a majority of Indians made emergency runs to the pharmacy stores in times when every minute counts, moved himl. The incident left him convinced that in addition to good health, timely cure is primal in creating healthier and happier families and it was this realization that brought him back to his motherland forever. His return, research and resolve for an effective solution to make healthcare accessible led him to ideate on an integrated digital platform that could make the life of its users stress-free, both in times of sickness and good health. The substantial pharmaceutical experience of the founder in the US came in handy and served as a major driving force to germinate his idea in the form of 1 Tab, a one-stop shop for all things health. In November 2019, 1 Tab, an online pharmacy with an android & web application, offering hyperlocal delivery (same-day in Delhi NCR) of OTC & prescription-based medicines, was launched. The vision was crystal clear - a comprehensive cover of care, convenience, cure for all its users through complete healthcare assistance. The spirit behind the start-up -aptly reflected in its tagline “We know your value”. Transcending beyond transactional motivations and valuing everyone's health and time like their very own, 1 Tab set sail to create wholesome communities in the National Capital Region. To save emergency pharmacy runs, 1Tab started out fulfilling hyperlocal deliveries within Delhi NCR. Additionally, to solve the problem of reliance on limited availability of products at a single store, they presented users with 1,00,000+ OTC, prescription & healthcare products to be ordered on the go. Through 1 Tab, Sunil Tripathy and his team started to ensure availability & quick delivery of a robust range of healthcare products and medicines. Mr. Tripathy held on to the reins of the company as it started to step ahead with its value-based model of bridging the gap between healthcare seekers and healthcare providers by allowing users to pre-order medicines and other healthcare products from a wide range of medications, right in the privacy and comfort of home. While adding to the ease of buying 100% authentic medicines, users were also offered extensive deals and super-saver discounts on their medical bills. 1Tab has been steady on its course of growth and expansion with its mast up and sailing, despite the testing winds. Within a year, the innovative founder with his competent team gave wings to many new initiatives. These included extending health card memberships and telemedicine services that would not only be confined to the reach of metro cities but also Tier-2/Tier-3 cities.

By targeting Tier-2/Tier-3 cities & rural towns where there’s a documented lack of affordable services such as doctor consultations & diagnostics, compounded by a shortage of specialized doctors & multi-speciality hospitals, 1Tab hopes to cut down huge transportation costs & time involved in seeking specialized healthcare in rural and suburban areas.

Amid the raging second wave of the pandemic that led to an increased need for efficient healthcare services, 1Tab marched forward and rose to the occasion to facilitate hassle-free COVID lab tests & other diagnostic services while ensuring same-day doorstep delivery of medicines and healthcare essentials to customers.

What’s Next?

With an aim to become the pioneer of complete e-healthcare solutions for the Indian population, 1Tab’s user-friendly platform is on its way to launching doctor consultation and health insurance services too. What’s also exciting is how this fast-growing startup will be the first of its kind platform to address the problem of the fragmented and unorganized pharma-retail market that covers 70% of the Primary HealthCare Sector comprising 92% Clinics, 84% Diagnostic Centers and 98% Pharmacies. Driven by the resolve to make India healthier, 1Tab is eyeing the immense opportunity for digital disruption and simplifying the process of medicine procurement for pharmacies to put a no-frills procurement ecosystem in place.

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