53 café house brings riveting cheers to the city

Sharing the legacy of being one of the oldest creative agencies of Bihar, Eventoss embarked on the idea of the first-ever open café named ’53 Café House’ situated at the Patliputra Colony, Patna. Amid the confined café life in the capital, the much revered, an open café in the pivots of the capital city cheers the city with its ultimate glancing sheer lightning and its charismatic luster.

Situated in the heart of Patna, 53 café house is new fish in the bowl slowly gaining limelight. The ornamentation of the restaurant connects well with the youth. The fairy lights, bean bags, vintage car, and OTT photo background gives a voguish look to the café.

From outside the café seems like any other café but entering it the 6000 sqft open lawn area with 1200 sqft indoor courtyard is no doubt riveting. The sky during twilight is always mesmerizing but eating your favorite snacks with chai on the bean bags with a good book and soothing music, ascetic lightings, and decors makes the ambiance captivating for the visitors with the cold breeze as the cherry on the cake. During winters the beauty of the place is only amplified with a bonfire.

Started in 2021, within few months 53 Café House has become the talk of the town.

The concept of bean bags instead of conventional table chairs was a change people needed for a long time in the city. The customer service is good with a warm host to attend to every customer. The delivery and take away services in the covid era are dealt with caution and care for the safety of their customers.

The menu offers varieties from snacks and appetizers to Biryani, Chinese to Tandoor, and what not with pocket-friendly ranges for their valuable customers. Foods are simply delightful in both appearance and taste. Varieties of drinks from Shakes to Coffees to Mocktails and Special Chai are offered with yummy taste and range.

From time-to-time events such as Stand-up comedy and open mics grabs the attention of youth making the café a youth hub. A good amount of audience could

be seen in the events both as an audience and as a participant. The café recently organized a mehndi stall for Teej cherishing the deep enrooted cultures of the state.

Many organizations even collaborated as the Apna foundation and Amity University have organized social cause events in the past. Apart from being an awesome get-together venue the place also offers a terrific spot for photo sessions for one’s Instagram profile and snaps.

53 café house is a unit of Eventoss Entertainment and shares sole preoperatory rights on its behalf.

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