• Chethan Machaknur

72 Alibaba Cloud Data Servers “Stealing” Indian Users Data

At least 72 cloud data servers operated by Chinese tech and ecommerce giant Alibaba in India are sending Indian users data to China, according to a News18 report citing top intelligence sources. The sources have also accused the tech giant of “stealing” data.

The officials have claimed that they have found 72 such servers sending data to China. They also allege that the operation seemed like a systematic plan by Chinese authorities.

Alibaba’s cloud data servers are popular in India among business owners due to its moderate pricing, especially when compared to European servers. Officials from the intelligence department also noted that Alibaba offers free trial usage periods to the organisation as well in order to trap them in. Once they are in the system, the data servers ensure that all sensitive and ancillary forms of data are relayed over to remote servers located in China.

The officials aware of the development also noted that India is planning to launch a “massive probe” in China’s intended cyber espionage soon.

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