750 mn monthly visits makes India Wikipedia’s 5th largest audience

Indians visit Wikipedia over 750 mn times every month, making the country the 5th largest audience for the website, according to a report. The 20-year-old online encyclopedia is available in 24 Indian languages, with over 60,000 articles each in widely-spoken languages such as Bengali, Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, and Telugu. In December 2020 alone, Wikipedia got 789 mn page-views from India.

Globally, Wikipedia has over 55 mn articles across over 300 languages. In all, 89% of articles on Wikipedia are in languages other than English. Importantly, Wikipedia says that most “vandalism” — edits that “do not meet Wikipedia’s reliability and neutrality standards” — is addressed within 5 minutes.

Further, Wikipedia says that its working on on diversity of volunteers, policies for user privacy, disinformation — investing in “overall health and diversity of volunteer communities” to be more inclusive and globally representative — developing tools and programs to expand the quantity and diversity of Wikipedia content — advocating for policies that preserve user privacy and lastly, enhancing volunteers’ ability to combat disinformation.

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