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According to IAMA rural India drives Internet penetration with 351 million users

Internet penetration in rural India has increased 37% year on year (YoY), with 351 million active users expected in 2021. According to an ICUBE 2021 study conducted by IAMAI and KANTAR, internet usage in India's urban cities increased by only 2% year on year to 341 million active users in the corresponding period.

Except for Lakshadweep, the ICUBE 2021 report titled 'Internet in India' covered over 77,000 Indian households across all states and union territories. According to the report, the number of active internet users in India will reach 900 million by 2025, owing to an increase in rural internet users. According to the report, Goa had the highest internet penetration rate of all Indian states in 2021, while Bihar had the lowest internet penetration rate.

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