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Acmo Network - The first and only company from J&K showcased on GoI Initiated Startup India Platform

Kashmir – Acmo Network Pvt. Ltd. got showcased among the finest startups of the country on GoI initiated Startup India Platform. The startup has been handpicked through various DPIIT and Startup India programs after going through multiple rounds of screening and evaluation.

"We are proud to say that our company is the first and only company from J&K that is being showcased on the Startup India platform. We will continue to work in smart, harder and faster ways to achieve the higher heights that could only be imagined.", said Davood Wani, CEO of Acmo Network.

Startup India Showcase is an online discovery platform from GoI that chooses startups that have distinctly emerged as the best in their respective fields. The startups showcased on this platform have shown incredible innovations and helped society by solving their critical problems. Each selected startup's profile is created on their official website and given opportunities to present themselves at various events. The profile of Acmo Network is also public and can be checked by visiting this link.

After rigorous evaluation and thorough assessments, a total of 157 startups were selected across the country where 107 are product-startups and 50 are service-startups. Acmo Network falls under the category of service-startups. More details about showcased startups can be checked on

Acmo Network's nature of the business is basically providing software development and IT services to clients but over the years the company has also invested a good time in R&D and came up with their own range of projects like SaaS softwares for businesses and a Govt. sponsored project for an IoT based platform for the upliftment of PwDs which still is in its initial phase and currently incubated at SMVDU TBI for prototype development. The project is focused primary on quadriplegic patients and promises to transform their life by providing them with a unified app and optional hardware add-ons for device compatibilities. Using this app they can propel wheelchairs, press buttons, change TV channels, control room temperature, lights and many other devices. The app will also help them use computers with ease, so they can pursue their careers, learn online skills, and help them work from home which has become the new norm now. The idea was pitched at various avenues on the Startup India platform and got positive response from top organizations like in NASSCOM and Microsoft backed initiative "Innovate for an accessible India" the project was among the top 5 finalists in their category throughout India.

The company has also developed a software for schools that not only helped schools function during covid lockdowns but continues to offer a rich set of features to manage fully and maintain records online and automate workflows. The software also got mentioned in various prominent media sources in 2020. The company also gave free subscriptions to many schools until Dec 2021 as a giveaway ahead of education disruption caused by Covid-19.

The company serves businesses of all sizes and all sectors of society with projects and managed plans of different scopes. The company has worked with reputed organizations and has delivered quality software products and services.

Besides upgrading all the sectors of society with their innovative and unique products, the company is also helping rural regions to seize the opportunities provided by the modern digital age. It is the first IT company in the northern rural region of J&K helping the local economy to grow and enabling them to compete in the revolutionary e-business arena. The products developed and services offered by Acmo Network not only created jobs in the local region but also helped the local businesses to grow consequently. Other than serving local clients, the company has grown to include a national and international client base.

About Acmo Network

Acmo Network is an IT company providing better, faster, and smarter ways to accomplish business & personal ideals, helping determine the scalable aspects of businesses by delivering Business Consultation to Branding, Project Development to Deployment, and Marketing to Management. The company offers best practices, concepts and tools that are designed to guide any part of business in utilizing technology to its fullest.

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