After cloud kitchens, OYO set to taste ready-to-eat food segment

A report by Moneycontrol revealed that OYO is looking to enter the ready-to-eat food segment with partnerships on a revenue-sharing model with manufacturers. Earlier OYO launched over 20 cloud kitchens such as Adraq and O’Biriyani both run by OYO were operational and serving food. Under its full inventory control franchise model, OYO allowed its guests to order from the hotel’s kitchen and therefore, had a full kitchen team. The company doesn't even need trained staff. All that the person has to do is heat the pre-prepared food item before giving it for delivery or serving it to the guest. Hence there will not be any issue of consistency

However, an end consumer will not be able to differentiate if the food brought to him is frozen or freshly prepared.

"For OYO, the use of frozen food is an extremely small part of the kitchen operations and only limited to the deliveries made under the cloud kitchen arm of the business. As mentioned before, only fresh and the best ingredients are used while our in-hotel dining orders are served to the guests," said the company.

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