ah! Ventures invests in No-Code SaaS development platform Fuzen through its First Gear Platform

ah! Ventures has invested in Fuzen - a low code platform to build SaaS products through its First Gear Platform. ah! Ventures’ has done 140 investments in 104 startups till date taking its total investment portfolio to INR 285 CR (~37 MN USD) with 14 exits and 28 follow on rounds. 40 investments have happened through all three platforms in 2022 till date.

Fuzen is a low code / no code platform helping non-technical entrepreneurs to build SaaS products without writing a single line of code

The next wave of growth in SaaS will come from vertical specific SaaS solutions for different niche markets. These niche SaaS products will be typically built by industry insiders – consultants, influencers and veterans having deep understanding of a niche market.

Often, they are non-technical founders who struggle to find competent and reliable CTOs. Fuzen helps them build SaaS products without needing to hire a team of developers.

Till date Fuzen has helped create multiple SaaS products to help SMEs with – sales tracking, online marketing, project management, cost control, expense tracking, HR management etc - built with Fuzen’s low code platform.

Fuzen’s early customers have come from Construction, Engineering and Renewable Energy segments. Construction companies have always needed software solutions that can be easily customized and adapted within their working environment. Fuzen’s low code structure enables this flexibility.

“While working in the start-up ecosystem, I have seen many non-technical founders - who are otherwise very capable – struggle to find capable and reliable CTOs. Even I also struggled with the same problem in my early years.

Our low code platform helps these founders by taking care of product development, hosting, tech support, allowing them to focus on promoting and selling the SaaS solutions. For these founders, the risk of going into a new SaaS business is drastically lowered.

We would like to thank ah! Ventures for understanding our vision at this stage and helping us steer in the right direction. We are excited to working with them and building a powerful platform to help aspiring SaaS entrepreneurs” said Pushkar Gaikwad, Founder, FUZEN.

“Fuzen’s offering is very exciting. In fact this is something I would like to try my hands on. The segment and target industries have massive potential which will help the business scale. We are happy to support Pushkar in his endeavour and am sure with his execution prowess, Fuzen will turn out to be a super successful company”, said Amit Kumar, Senior Partner, ah! Ventures.

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