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ah! Ventures invests in talent-driven contest platform MUZZO through its First Gear Platform

ah! Ventures has invested in Muzzo, a talent-driven contest platform for content creators and fans, through its First Gear Platform. ah! Ventures’ has done 141 investments in 104 startups till date taking its total investment portfolio to INR 289 CR (~38 MN USD) with 14 exits and 28 follow on rounds. 41 investments have happened through all three platforms in 2022 till date.

Muzzo is a talent-driven contest platform for content creators and fans that enables them to earn, compete, and learn through short videos. Muzzo enables new creators to earn from Day 1 without any minimum follower requirement.

Content creators can simply join a contest, perform, and score high to win rewards every day. Content creators make paid lesson videos to generate revenue as beginners learn to improve their skills. Users who do not create their own content can earn money through predict & win contests.

Our early traction has been coming from creators from small towns across India, who are new to this business and want to make some income using their talent while they are on their way to becoming pro creators. Our beta launch saw more than 3000 users test and appreciate the product before our full fledged launch in August.

"Our philosophy is that the creator economy needs creators and fans to engage effectively to achieve better monetisation opportunities for both stakeholders. The future is about creators working from home and making money from their talent. We want to empower it using competitions, which we all love."

"Our platform allows new creators to earn through contests from day 1, while pro creators can launch contests to engage with their fans and generate revenue. Almost all social media platforms rely on the personality of the creator or sponsored posts, but we want to focus on talent, "said Rishav Rohan, co-founder of Muzzo.

“ah! Ventures has played a crucial role in supporting early-stage startups over the last few years. We are excited to work with them to create value for creators and their audiences using our unique model. "said Chiranjiv Paritosh, CEO and co-founder of Muzzo.

“The Creators' economy is booming and we believe Muzzo has a unique model which is very exciting. World over, creators are getting hooked to platforms that offer opportunities for quick gratification. We are happy to support the team in their endeavour to make a mark in this space.”, said Amit Kumar, Senior Partner, ah! Ventures.

"I am really excited to see Muzzo’s growth and vision. Today, short video platforms are transforming the content marketing industry like never before. From redefining the conventional way of storytelling, marketing, advertising to creating internet celebrities, these new-age video platforms are not only trending but refreshing. People share videos twice the rate than any other form of content. The main reason is its ‘snackable’ form. Next is the fresh, in-depth content- not just for entertainment but also for awareness. This is something that is not common for traditional television or YouTube videos.”, said Saarthak Bakshi, Partner First Gear, ah! Ventures.

Interested in knowing more about this venture, write to Amit at

About ah! Ventures

ah! Ventures is one of the world's largest fundraising platform for early stage startups raising up to 10 MN USD. ah! Ventures has three platforms: First Gear, which helps startups raise upto 1 CR, Angel Platform, which helps startups raise upto 1 MN USD and High Tables Platform, which helps startups raise 1-10 MN USD. Today ah! First Gear, Angel and High Tables platforms have over 70000+ entreprenurs, 5000+ seed/angel investors and over 1000 VCs & institutional investors registered with it. ah! First Gear, Angel and High Tables platforms till date have invested INR 289 CR (~38 MN USD) in 104 startups & 141 investments and have announced 14 exits & 28 follow on rounds.

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