Airbus partners Bengaluru startup for geo-spatial AI

OneAtlas, the Airbus geospatial digital platform delivering satellite imagery, analytics and services, will partner up with Bengaluru-based startup, HyperVerge, to implement and integrate new AI-based analysis of satellite data. The agreement marks the 10th successful partnership for an Airbus BizLab-accelerated Indian startup and an Airbus corporate entity.

OneAtlas will provide HyperVerge easy access to premium imagery and industry-specific insights to develop solutions. Further, HyperVerge has also reached out to Airbus to distribute the Pléiades satellite data to one of its Indian customers.

"Fostering innovation and encouraging entrepreneurial ambition is what makes Airbus unique. The high-impact technology coming through our BizLab accelerator is finding symbiotic applications in Airbus’ products and services – which is quite remarkable and gratifying. I congratulate the BizLab India team for this unique milestone of reaching ten successful partnerships with Indian startups,” said Rémi Maillard, President and Managing Director, Airbus India & South Asia.

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