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Amazon executive confirms corporate hiring freeze until the end of the year

Given the ongoing economic challenges and the company's costly belt-tightening under CEO Andy Jassy, it's not surprising that Amazon has implemented a corporate hiring freeze. Beth Galetti, Amazon's senior vice president of People Experience and Technology, confirmed the move in a staff memo that was later published on the company's blog.

Galetti writes in the letter that the company has already begun to pause or slow hiring in various corporate departments in "recent weeks." Since then, the change has been applied to "new incremental hires" across its corporate business for the "next few months." The "corporate" qualifier is most likely intended to distinguish the positions from those in Amazon fulfilment centres across the United States as the company ramps up for the holidays. Other potential exceptions include replacements for employees who have vacated existing positions. The executive goes on to say that the company plans to hire "a significant number of people" next year.

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