Amazon extends ban on police use of its facial recognition software ‘until further notice’

What is the news ?

Amazon extend its moratorium on law enforcement use of its facial recognition software “until further notice,” as per the report.

In 2018, Amazon employees had pushed Amazon to scale back the project, arguing that documented racial bias in facial recognition could exacerbate police violence against minorities. Amazon defended the project until June 2020, when increased pressure from widespread protests led to the company announcing a yearlong moratorium on police clients for the service.

Recognition is offered as an AWS service, and many of Amazon’s cloud computing competitors have similar technology .Microsoft announced that it would also not be selling its facial recognition services to police the day after Amazon’s pledge, and IBM said that it would stop developing or researching facial recognition tech altogether the same week. Google doesn’t commercially offer its facial recognition technology to anyone.

So far, no federal legislation has addressed police use of facial recognition, but a number of state and local measures have passed paring back use of the technology.

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