Amazon India suspends over 2,000 sellers; payments, inventory worth Crores stuck in limbo

More than 2,000 Amazon India sellers were suspended from accessing their seller accounts on the ecommerce platform without warning or clarity, leading to crores in lost income in the last three months, Inc42 reported. At least half a dozen sellers said that Amazon invoked contractual conditions to suspend seller accounts, alleging that these sellers violated certain business solutions agreements.

However, sellers deny any wrongdoing, as some of them have been registered sellers on Amazon for more than 5 years. Sellers say Amazon suspending accounts without notice has put them in financial distress; a majority of them are SMEs with working capital constraints. The account suspension allegedly wiped out monthly revenue of these sellers, who typically see Rs 1 Lakh – Rs 2 lakh in daily sales.

Sellers allege the collective pending amount payable by Amazon may run up to crores of rupees. Sellers also claim to be unable to get a response or resolution from Amazon, which has raised their suspicion about the actual reason behind the account suspensions.

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