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Amazon’s ad blitz targets Future and RIL, accuses them of fraud

As talks between Amazon and Future Retail fell down, the ecommerce behemoth published advertisements in major Indian newspapers on March 15 accusing both Future Retail and Reliance of fraud.

Future Retail Limited (FRL) and Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), according to the US-based ecommerce platform, engaged in fraudulent acts by failing to comply with court rulings. The commercials also claimed that the firms tried to "erase the dispute's substratum."

Amazon alleged that Future Retail and its partners had "consistently behaved in breach of the order made by the emergency arbitrator and reaffirmed by the Arbitral Tribunal" in an ad headlined "Public Notice."

"It has now come to light that FRL and its promoters have been attempting to eliminate the substratum of the dispute by purportedly transferring and alienating FRL's retail assets including retail outlets in favour of the MDA Group," the advertisement continued.

"Amazon hereby puts all persons concerned to notice that any attempt by FRL, and its prompters to transfer/dispose/alienate any of its retail assets is in violation of binding orders of the Arbitral Tribunal, which operate as orders of an Indian Court, and any party assisting or cooperating in such fraudulent and contumacious actions will be liable for civil and criminal consequences under law," the ecommerce player said in its ad.

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