Amazon Technologies acquires retail tech startup Perpule for Rs 107Cr

Amazon Technologies Inc, which is part of global ecommerce company Amazon, has acquired Perpule, a retail tech startup for Rs 107.60 Cr. This development was disclosed through the regulatory filings made by Perpule. It is expected that the total deal value may rise to Rs 150 Cr as Amazon is expected to pay additional remuneration for the employees of Perpule.

A statement from Amazon spokesperson said, “Perpule has built an innovative cloud-based POS offering that enables offline stores in India to better manage their inventory, checkout process, and overall customer experience. We are excited to have the Perpule team join us to focus on providing growth opportunities for businesses of all sizes in India while raising the bar of the shopping experience for Indian customers.”

As part of the deal, Amazon Technologies acquired Perpule’s cloud-based point-of-sale IP asset called Ultra POS and the POS team is joining Amazon. Ultra POS is a cloud-based mobile point-of-sale system that improves the billing and checkout process at online stores. This solution, which has been used by retail brands such as Vishal Mega Mart, Big Bazaar, as well as Marks and Spencer’s, helps in increasing their sales, thereby generating revenue.

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