Amid hate speech controversy, Facebook India boss wants global coalition for internet regulations

Amidst conflicts between Facebook and Bajrang Dal, the head of Facebook India, Ajit Mohan recommends for a unified global framework for internet regulations at the Global Technology Summit, 2020. According to him, the US, Europe and India should lead this process of the formulation. This is to ensure that the internet remains open, connected and continues to drive innovation for the next 20 years.

Recently, Facebook has been embroiled in a controversy about its apparent failure to pull down hateful content posted by the Bajrang Dal and internally has plans to ban Bajrang Dal form the platform after calling it a dangerous but no action was taken due to political and employee safety considerations.

However, Facebook India representatives, said that its fact-checking team did not find anything offensive and inflammatory in the content posted by right-wing organisation. Therefore, Facebook decided to not take any action against it.

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