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Apple and Google fined by Italian competition authority for “aggressive practices” in data usage

Apple has been fined yet again for "aggressive practises" in the sale of user data, but this time it was fined alongside Google for the same reasons. Both companies were fined €10 million, which is the maximum allowed by Italian law.

The Italian competition authority, the AGCM, stated in a statement that the two companies failed to provide "clear and immediate information" on how user data was collected and used. It was claimed that when users created their Google accounts, the terms and conditions for data usage were designed to be accepted.

When it comes to Apple, the Italian watchdog claims that users were not given a choice when creating an Apple ID. Users were also repeatedly told that data collection was only necessary to improve the consumer experience and their use of those services. Furthermore, it claims that users were never informed that their data was being collected and used for commercial purposes.

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