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Apple CEO, Tim Cook wants to buy Manchester United for $6.9 billion

Apple CEO Tim Cook wants to buy Manchester United. This possible purchase comes in the wake of the club's current owners, the Glazers, deciding to sell it. The price Cook is offering is less than the Glazers' initial asking price, according to a report in the UK media.

When the news broke, the Glazers were asking for $9.9 billion for Manchester United. However, after a while, the club owners decided to sell the club to the highest bidder. According to those familiar with the situation, Apple has made a bid of $6.9 billion, which is significantly less than the initial asking price. Neither Apple nor Manchester United's management have commented on the situation. However, if this acquisition is successful, it will allow Apple to expand its presence in other fields and in more regions. To this day, Apple has restricted its football streaming services to the US Major Soccer League for unknown reasons.

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