Apple faces lawsuit seeking compensation for 20 million UK users

● What is the news ?

▪︎Apple is facing another lawsuit, and this time it's a big collective one in the UK.

▪︎Filed on behalf of almost 20 million iPhone and iPad users, the case claims that Apple's 30 percent commission charged on App Store purchases is "excessive and unlawful" and that the company's practices breach competition law in the UK and Europe.

▪︎The case, if approved by the UK Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT), will seek damages of up to £1.5 billion, and will include around 19.6 million users eligible for compensation in the UK.

● What is the issue?

▪︎Apple guards access to the world of apps jealously, and charges entry and usage fees that are completely unjustified," stated by Kent an expert in digital economy. "This is the behaviour of a monopolist and is unacceptable. Ordinary people's use of apps is growing all the time, and the last year in particular has increased our dependence on this technology.

▪︎Apple has no right to charge us a 30 percent rent for so much of what we pay for on our phones — particularly when Apple itself is blocking our access to platforms and developers that are able to offer us much better deals."

▪︎ Apple referred to the case as "meritless" in a statement .

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