Apple introduces new feature that lets one control its devices with eyes and gestures

What is the news ?

Apple is introducing few features to help differently-abled people operate an iPhone, an iPad, or an Apple Watch. Plus, it’s launching a customer care service in the US, the UK, and France called SignTime to get assistance with Apple Products in sign language.

It has developed a new algorithm for WatchOS to let you operate the Apple Watch with gestures such as pinch and fist clench. Apple says that the accelerometer and gyroscope in the Watch work with the heart rate sensors to identify these different movements.


The Watch will also have a new motion pointer that can help you navigate to different screens only by moving your wrist. This is helpful for anyone who has limited limb functions or can’t move their hand because of some injury.

For iPad, Apple is introducing eye-tracking control through third-party devices. This allows you to control the iPad through your eyes, and perform gestures such as a tap by just holding the gaze at an area on the screen .The company will also include a background sound feature in settings that can play white noises such as ocean, rain, or stream to help you stay calm and focus.

These features will be available to users later this year through a software update. Apple is also working on more accessibility functions such as sound control to replace actions possible through physical buttons, and customized text and display settings for every app.

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