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Apple’s first car effort might not be self-driving after all

Apple has made big promises about its future plans to enter the automotive market. According to Bloomberg, Apple has had to scale back its plans. Last year, reports suggested that Apple would unveil a fully self-driving car in 2025, but the vehicle has now been pushed back to 2026 and will not be autonomous.

Apple aimed to create the world's first fully autonomous vehicle, one that didn't require a steering wheel or pedals. However, according to the report, engineers working on the project (dubbed Titan internally) no longer believe that vision is possible with current technology. Apple has had a number of executive changes on the Titan team, which could have contributed to the delay. Ford Motor Company hired Doug Field, the engineering executive in charge of Apple's special projects team, last year. Several other key players on the Titan project had left the company a few months before.

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