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ASCI issued 12 point Crypto advertising and promotion guidelines

This disclaimer must be made by all crypto entities advertising in the Indian market, regardless of the medium, whether print, digital, or TV media. The Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI), a voluntary self-regulation organisation comprised of members from various sectors, has developed a set of advertising guidelines for crypto entities seeking to promote their products and services through media advertising.

The Council has published 12 crypto-related pointers for advertisers. Among these are:

Disclaimer: The disclaimer mentioned at the beginning of this article must be included in every crypto advertisement. A detailed explanation of how the disclaimer should appear in print, audio, or digital advertisements has been provided.

Say No To Currency And Security: Crypto advertisers have been advised not to use terms such as "currency," "securities," "custodian," and "deposits" as these may mislead users with certain regulated items.

Don't Mislead With

Future Profit Increases: The Council has asked advertisers not to mislead with statements that promise or guarantee future profit increases.

Provide Your Name And

Contact Information: All cryptocurrency advertisements must include the advertiser's name as well as their contact number or email address.

Avoid Including Miners in Ads: Advertisers have also been asked not to include any miner in their advertisements.

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