Asset management firm MPowered acquires Cloy Infraa

Asset management firm MPowered acquires Cloy Infraa, an interior deisgn company to branch out and expand into a diverse portfolio of services under real estate asset-management solutions.

The company has been acquired by MPowered along with its entire team strength of over 70 employees, who will now be on the payrolls of the asset-management firm. This acquisition will also serve as a forerunner for MPowered to open up a new vertical of interiors fit-out funding for mid to large-sized corporations who would like to move towards interiors with capital investment.

This acquisition comes as the first of many strategic investments MPowered will be making in small to mid-sized firms that specialise in their respective segment. The idea is to enable these businesses with a strong leadership and adequate funding to upgrade to the next level,” said MPowered Founder and CEO Sudeep Singh

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