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At Home Doc raised $1.9 million in Pre-Series A led by Tawasol Holdings

HealthTech platform At Home Doc raised $1.9 million in Pre-Series A led by Elaj Group’s investment arm Tawasol Holdings, endorsed by Qatar Development Bank (QDB) and other angel investors.

Through its partnership with Elaj Group, At Home Doc aims to expand the reach of healthcare services in the MENA and GCC regions by using innovative technology to make healthcare universally accessible and affordable. The investment will be used to drive the startup's operational expansion in KSA. The collaboration will accelerate the all-inclusive healthcare expansion of home care services, including but not limited to doctor home visits, telemedicine, medication delivery, and at-home lab services for all Saudi and non-Saudi employees and their families in the private sector, while decreasing expenditure and increasing the percentage of patients with a digital health record for corporates and individuals through the use of its health tech digital platform "Meta."

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