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Automovill raises fund in Pre-Series A Round led by Inflection Point Ventures

Automovill raised an undisclosed amount in Pre Series A Round from IPV. FundTQ acted as an exclusive advisor for Automovill to raise the funds from IPV.

Mridu Mahendra Das, Chinmay Baruah and Ramana Sambhu founded Automovill in 2015. Automovill has the 3rd largest presence across India and caters to 15 lakh customers throughout the market.

Automovill provides automotive solutions, after sales services and second hand cars for sale catering to a large market competing with GoMechanic and Pitstop. It provides cashless Insurance claims in 20 cities with 18 insurance companies currently. Automovill currently holds 500+ Multi Brand Workshop in India in 20+ cities.

“Automovill is catering a huge market with a large customer base and , This funding raised by them from IPV will help them to increase their operations efficiency and to broaden their market scope.” said Aanchal Malhotra, CEO and Founder of FundTQ.'

FundTQ is a one-of-a-kind digital funding assistance platform for institutional investors and mergers and acquisitions, including features like, ‘Valuation Software’ and ‘Choose Right Investors Platform’. Through their unique technological tools, comprehensive advising services, and network of businesses, FundTQ takes a hybrid approach to start-up fundraising and M&A. A proprietary valuation software available on a subscription basis that allows companies to value their venture in 10 minutes using 15 data points in the most complex and data-driven manner; and a Choose Right Investors platform that helps start-ups pick and choose the right institutional and strategic investors from a pool of 3000+ investors anytime, anywhere with a click of a button.

FundTQ's solutions are now being used to raise funding by over a hundred start-ups and mid-sized businesses. Founders must take a methodical approach to fundraise. You start with a huge pool of possible investors and narrow it down to those with whom you have a personal connection. FundTQ assists you in identifying and connecting with potential investors. Their main goal is to find you the appropriate investors at the right time and at the right price.

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