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Ayekart joins hands with Distinct Horizon to up-skill productivity of farmers & a sustainable future

Ayekart, a fintech startup that is empowering traditional businesses and farmers’ communities in India, undertakes a memorandum of understanding with Distinct Horizon. The MOU is executed in order to improve the productivity of farmers through various partnership opportunities connecting them with distributors, stakeholders, FPO, etc.

Distinct Horizon an agritech company benefiting the farmers with a widely tested Urea Deep Placement technique to reduce chemical usage for productive farming. It develops advanced technologies to boost farmer’s marginal profit and increase their food production while protecting the environment. It aims at technological equipment of farmers by providing innovative machines. With a joint approach, Distinct Horizon and Ayekart will also support in farmer training as well as exploring new markets.

Simplifying the primary objective of this MOU, Mr. Debarshi Dutta, Co-founder & CEO, Ayekart said, “We at Ayekart believe in technological advancement of agricultural produce through digitizing farmer’s productivity with various advance machines and introducing partnership opportunities with distributors, wholesalers, stakeholders, etc. It is one of our key mottos to digitize the food and agri value chain of India. To benefit farmer communities, we are also trying to procure funding through CSR, NGO’s and government bodies to help boost their productivity and enhance their business.” Government bodies like NABARD has created the Farm Sector Promotion Fund to incubate innovations and diffusion of technologies in the realm of agriculture and allied sectors to benefit vulnerable sectors of farmers. These funding from government, CSR, NGO’s will help benefiting the farmer. Various partnership opportunities and advancement in technology helps boosting productivity and income of the famer communities of India. Adding to Mr. Dutta’s statement, Santosh Kumar, Co-Founder & Head Operations, Distinct Horizon, said, “Our technologies can revolutionize the agriculture sector both in terms of productivity and income increase while at the same time significantly reduce chemical input and costs of production towards massive climate change mitigation and a healthier soil. It is our pleasure to work alongside an entity like Ayekart which is committed to scale up such technologies."

Advancement in machinery have expanded the scale, speed, and productivity of farm equipment, leading to more efficient cultivation of more land. These advanced devices and precision agriculture allow farmer’s businesses to be more profitable, efficient, safer, and more environmentally friendly. Ayekart will create an end-to-end solution by digitizing, handholding and providing funding to these farmer communities. About Ayekart: Ayekart is a fin-tech company that is changing the SME, MSME, and Retail segment by “Empowering the Traditional Business” not just for the supply chain and financial needs but related business processes too and helping in bringing transparency and credibility to the entire ecosystem. Ayekart digitizes, handholds and provides a platform to the traditional businesses, MSMEs & retailers. While catering to their requirements Ayekart has onboard over 10,000 MSMEs/ retailers and honored over 130cr worth of transactions in its 1st year 2021-22.

With the Ayekart Platform suite, companies of all sizes and nature can streamline the supply chain, financial needs and related business processes. The workflow has access to controlled layers along with stringent approvals for monitoring of purchases and sales, wholesale and retail order status, generating orders, invoices, SCF options, delivery and collections. POs and Invoices are generated in the workflow and can also be imported/ exported from other accounting software.

To learn more about Ayekart, please visit: About Distinct Horizon: At Distinct Horizon, we develop breakthrough technologies to double the profits of marginalized farmers across the developing world and increase food production while protecting the everdegrading environment! The current method of manual fertilizer/urea application (broadcasting) leads to more than twothirds of it being lost to the environment, which increases greenhouse emissions (One ton of urea causes 5.15 tons CO2-equivalent emissions in the whole process, from urea production to onfield application), degrades soil and pollutes groundwater, lakes and rivers and still ends up providing low productivity despite of increased input cost for farmers. We have developed World’s First successful tractor/ power-tiller powered Urea/ Fertilizer Deep Placement (FDP) applicators (DH Samriddhi & Vriddhi) to mechanize the process of FDP for many crops. Urea Deep Placement (or UDP) is an alternative to broadcasting and has considerable benefits. These are in terms of increasing production by 20% and combating large-scale environmental damage by reducing fertilizer consumption by 30-40%. Our DH Briquetting Machine makes briquettes from fertilizer, which are deep placed by our UDP/FDP applicators in the soil.

Our technology deploys the right amount of urea/fertilizer in the form of briquettes 3-7 inches deep into the soil. With our tools, the fields need only one application in a season, compared to two or three applications of fertilizers in case of traditional methods. This significantly reduces cost, labor and time for farmers, particularly for the poor small and marginal farmers for whom this cost reduction is a significant gain in terms of their economics. UDP/FDP Technology leads to a stark improvement in the soil health & fertility due to massive reduction in fertilizer application as we deep place the exact amount of fertilizer near the right root zone of the plant in a precise & scientific way! Therefore, the land & soil that we have covered through our technology has shown visible improvements in terms of fertility and the effect can be seen in higher sustained yield with improved nutrient content (7% increase in protein content in Paddy).

To learn more about Distinct Horizon, please visit:

For any media related queries please reach out to: Mr. Nikhil Pavithran | | +91 9819101272

Ms. Tanya Shandilya | | +91 8700668026

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