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B2B Traveltech startup TravClan raised $4.7 million led by Hashed Emergent Fund

B2B travel tech startup TravClan raised $4.7 million in Pre-Series A led by Hashed Emergent Fund and global marquee angel investors. Will use the capital to double down its investment in product and technology as it looks to scale ten times over the next year

The Delhi-based travel startup raised $2.2 Mn in a Pre-Series A round in July 2021 from TheVentures, a Korea and Singapore-based venture capital firm, and Leo Capital led the investment round, along with other global and marquee angel investors.

Founded by Arun Bagaria, Chirag Agrawal, Ashish Thapliyal, TravClan empowers travel agents and new-age travel entrepreneurs to build and grow travel business online by setting up websites in 30 seconds and selling products digitally.

TravClan has grown nearly twenty times during the pandemic years and is looking to clock a $100 Mn GMV in this quarter with a positive contribution margin, it claims.

“Offline travel agents sell $500 Bn+ travel every year. Covid has accelerated the need and demand from travel agents to digitise their operations. Our platform is enabling travel companies to rebuild their business faster and earn a better livelihood by generating more demand. Our tech-first approach on solving challenges faced by travel businesses has allowed us to build a highly capital efficient business with a small team,” said Bagaria.

TravClan has expanded its presence in eight cities in India, Dubai and Singapore and plans to launch operations in the US and Southeast countries over the next 12 months, it said.

The startup provides marketing tools that help its users generate more demand from social media, and earn more profit by booking flights, hotels, holidays with suppliers across the world at the best prices.

TravClan bridges the gap of finding reliable suppliers and effective payments and credit solutions. It claims to have enabled 15,000 travel agents to grow their travel business.

The startup said, its vision is to empower SMBs in the travel sector across the world to grow their business and enable GMV of over $10 Bn by 2025, it said.

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