BabyChakra exposed data of Indian parents, children to hacking, said researchers

BabyChakra that offers a social network to parents let them to discuss their problems with experts, exposed data over 5.5 million files of its users which includes parents and indirectly their children to hacking due to a misconfiguration in one of its servers, according to researchers.

The research team at VPNMentor, led by Israeli security researcher Noam Rotem, discovered the issue within the BabyChakra platform in February though the company did not respond to them despite being contacted multiple times.

In addition to the media content, the data included over 35,000 invoices and 19,800 packaging slips from the purchases made through the BabyChakra website. It exposed personally identifiable information (PII) of over 55,000 users, including minors, as per the researchers. The data is said to have carried full names, phone numbers, residential addresses, and purchase details of the affected users

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