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Based on 320 pitch decks, here’s what science tells us works best

In 2022, investors spend 24% less time looking at pitch decks than in 2021. You have just under three minutes on average to persuade them to meet with you. In fact, investors abandon decks that fail to raise funding in just 2 minutes and 13 seconds. You only have a few seconds to make a good first impression, so make it count.

It's not often that I get to talk to someone who is as much of a pitch deck nerd as I am, so when I finally got to nerd out with DocSend's research lead, how could I not? We delve into what the data tells us about what makes a pitch deck successful, as well as indicators of what doesn't. The most significant shift in how investors view pitch decks is that investors are spending less time on slides overall, but where that time is spent is shifting.

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