Bengaluru becomes most dynamic city in the world

The country's silicon valley Bengaluru has become the most dynamic city in the world by the City Momentum Index or CMI that is determined by a professional services and investment management firm JLL.

This is the first times that Bengaluru has been positioned first along with 5 move Indian cities that are placed in the Top 30's. FYI India has snatched the lead from China which homes world's fastest changing cities that has 6 cities in the Top 30's. Bengaluru has piped London (6), which was ranked first in 2020, New York (14), Paris (17) and Los Angeles (27) to make it to the top slot.

"What has become apparent is that these cities are now becoming more tightly networked and most are outperforming their national economies. These cities integrate change and technology into their DNA, seek to sustain momentum and innovation by cultivating their research and educational capabilities, and by investing in infrastructure," it said.

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