Bigbasket the 4th most used password in India

The report also discovered that many users like to express their love or hate through passwords, with "password" alone being used 4.9 million times by users worldwide and 3.4 million times in India in 2022. The second most popular password in India was "123456," which was used 166,757 times, and Bigbasket, which was the fourth most popular password, was used 75,081 times. In many nations, such as India, where "iloveyou" was ranked at number 81, "iloveyou" and its translations into other languages are, for example, widely used. However, it was discovered that "fuckyou," "fuckoff," and "fuckyou1" were frequently used in the US, Canada, and Australia.

Other frequently used passwords in India include "qwerty," "anmol123," and "googledummy." The majority of users, according to NordPass, prefer convenient passwords that are simple to use and remember, which accounts for the use of straightforward keyboard combinations of numbers, letters, and symbols. As well as using country names as their passwords, many users favour "Indya123" and "India@123." According to NordPass's research, 73% of the 200 most popular passwords will be the same as they were in 2021. They also discovered that 83% of the passwords on the list are quickly crackable. Bigbasket's ranking as the fourth most popular password in India reflects the shift in consumer behaviour toward online grocery shopping following COVID-19.

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