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Bird might lack the resources necessary to maintain its shared micromobility business

Bird issued a warning about rising concerns only hours after admitting that company had exaggerated earnings for more than two years by recognising unpaid passenger rides. The business warned that it might "need to scale back or stop certain or all of its operations in order to minimise expenses or seek bankruptcy protection" in a regulatory filing.

Bird had free cash flow of $38.5 million at the end of the third quarter. The business claimed that it wouldn't be able to fulfil its responsibilities over the following year without more money. The present market volatility, which Bird cites as "factors beyond its control," may have an impact on if and how Bird obtains more equity or debt financing. In light of this, the company intends to keep a tight eye on its operating outlook, cut operating costs, and look for additional outside sources of funding, according to the filing. "In addition to this true global reach

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