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Bombay High Court has ordered Rapido to suspend operations in Maharashtra until January 20th

The Bombay High Court (HC) ordered online taxi aggregator Rapido to suspend its services in Maharashtra beginning today (13th January) at 1 PM and continuing until Friday (20th January). The HC issued the above order after discovering that Rapido lacks a taxi aggregator licence in Maharashtra and is thus operating illegally in the state.

The HC order was issued during a court hearing (petition) filed by Rapido, which sought to overturn the Maharashtra government's decision to deny taxi aggregator licences to online ride-hailing companies. During the hearing, Rapido agreed to comply with the court's order and stated that it would cease two-wheeler passenger services, two-wheeler parcel services, and auto services in Maharashtra by 1 p.m. today (13th January). The state High Court chastised the Maharashtra government for failing to develop a policy for taxi aggregators and asked for clarification.

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