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Boycott Amazon trends again on Twitter over products depicting Indian flag

Users pointed out that products such as chocolate wrappers, face masks, ceramic mugs, keychains and kids clothing had the flag’s imprint, which they claimed is against the Flag Code Of India, 2002. As per the code, “The Flag shall not be used as a portion of a costume or uniform of any description. It shall not be embroidered or printed upon cushions, handkerchiefs, napkins or boxes.” However, it’s not clear whether the use of the three primary colours of the Indian flag or a variation of the Indian flag is similarly barred by the code.

Several users took to social media to express their anger against Amazon, which had seen a similar controversy in 2017. While some users called out Amazon for using a ‘cheap method’ to increase sales, others pointed out that the company is trying hard to please Indian consumers through a show of patriotism.

While the veracity of all the products being posted by Twitter users could not be ascertained, a cursory search on Amazon India did reveal certain products such as face masks, clothing — primarily being sold by Indian sportswear brand Triumph — and other knick-knacks such as keychains.

It must also be noted that some users are simply posting images showing various products with the Indian flag, but these images are not necessarily from Amazon India, but also show Google Image search results, which are not indicative of products being sold on Amazon.

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