Brazilian wins lawsuit against Apple and wins charger

What's the news ?

After being fined $10 million by the country’s customer protective department, Procon-SP, Apple lost a lawsuit in Brazil for selling its iPhones without the presence of a charger in the box. The Brazilian Mariana Morales Oliveira, from Santos (Sao Paulo), obtained in court the right to receive the accessory for her iPhone 12.

More to know

As the lawsuit is over, Apple must oblige to it and deliver a free charger adapter to Mariana within 10 days. If the company failed to comply, they will have to pay another daily fine of 200 Brazilian Real .

The case was determined on 23 May, where Mariana gained a favourable win.

With this verdict , it clearly opens a precedent for all iPhone 12 buyers that aren’t happy with the company’s recent change on the iPhone package.

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