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BYJU’S Divya Gokulnath calls BCCI dues reports "Hearsay"

The Board for Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) claimed that there was a 'deliberate leak' after the apex council meeting following media reports that edtech major BYJU's owes BCCI INR 86.21 Cr in dues. Simultaneously, BYJU cofounder Divya Gokulnath penned a venomous LinkedIn post, dismissing media reports as hearsay.

"The oddity of the fake news story that we had not paid our dues to the BCCI was only matched by the urgency with which'media' organizations'reported' it," Gokulnath wrote in his post. "Even in this age of post-truth and post-reporting verification, we expect real journalists to do some basic fact checks and not be swayed by hearsay and concocted stories by vested parties," she added. According to a ToI report citing BCCI sources, the information could have been leaked by someone with direct knowledge of the apex council meeting. However, the cricket board rejected the information as incorrect, claiming that no contract exists between it and BYJU's.

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