BYJU’S launches ‘Future School’, a global one-on-one learning platform

BYJU's has announced the global launch of an online live one-on-one learning platform, ‘BYJU’S Future School,’ which will be a sub-brand under BYJU'S. This builds on WhiteHatJr's success in live online classes in India and select countries, which set new benchmarks. The company is also piloting a model in India where schools are working with BYJU'S in imparting coding education within the school curriculum.

The new platform will be available in six countries including the USA, UK, Australia, Brazil, Indonesia, and Mexico.

BYJU'S has 80 million registered students on its flagship learning app, and the company believes that with this 1:1 live online learning platform, ‘BYJU’S Future School’ will expand to 350 million users worldwide by FY 2022.

"The integration was done this Wednesday, and it will be the first full year of integrating both learning methods - live classes (WhiteHatJr coding classes) and offline classes," said Byju Raveendran, Founder, BYJU's.

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