Can Indian Clubhouse Alternative Leher Break Through In The Audio-Only Social Media Race?

Leher, a Bengaluru-based startup claims to be India’s first invite-only, social networking platform for live discussions using the audio-video format. The format appears to be very similar to ClubHouse, although, unlike Clubhouse, Leher has video support, which sets it apart from the US-based app.

Clubhouse is well established and has a plethora of international influencers, startup founders and business leaders, which Leher cannot match. The founder of the Indian app however believes that his platform provides an experience that the masses appreciate. This statement can be believed to be true as it is backed by numbers. Within just 180 days of its beta launch, the company claimed to have its users spend about 44 minutes on a daily basis and 250K minutes per month for live video sessions.

Founded in 2018, Leher was started by second-time entrepreneur Malpani, who began building the platform post a successful exit from his prior real estate venture- Commonfloor in 2016. Leher definitely has a homegrown advantage and could be a pivotal player in its category.

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