Canvas, a unique new tool that is set to transform the way creators create work and receive remuneration, is the brainchild of three highly creative entrepreneurs – Vignesh Ramaswamy, Raghava KK and Madhan Karky. In a digital world where traction and engagement are becoming more difficult for creators than ever before, Canvas offers a comprehensive ecosystem that streamlines a content creator's online presence across platforms, and empowers them by protecting their interests and helping them with new ways to make an income. A homegrown initiative with huge international possibilities, Canvas is set to become the future for creators and is backed by notable investors and advisors including Ravi Mantha(Serv), Suriyanarayanan, Jayanth Narayan, Sooraj Jayaram, Gino Yu, Kunal Sood, Khushagra Srivastava and Anil Advani (Inventus). The tool will be launched with a focus on India and the USA, with Singapore being added as a core market later this year.

The concept of a universal navigation system for global creators was initiated by Vignesh Ramaswamy, the founder of Canvas, who was then joined by Raghava KK as Founding Vision Director and Madhan Karky as Chief Creative Officer. Canvas creates a safe space for creatives across genres and subcultures - including art, photography, podcasting, writing, music, filmmaking and more. -It helps them focus on their work, by taking care of the logistics and management through their intuitive interface and technology.

Vignesh Ramaswamy, who has over 11 years of experience in the tech space and has earlier established four start-ups, says, “Today, almost everyone is a content creator in some way or the other. They take different aspects of themselves to various digital channels and are unable to get their dues both operationally and financially. Though brimming with ideas, they barely find the resources and time to plan, manage and monetise their content. We gave birth to Canvas to give creators their own real estate to style, embellish and sell their ideas through a single channel, which streamlines management and integrates easily with all their other platforms.”

Raghava KK, who is a multidisciplinary artist and storyteller with two decades of experience, adds, “The passion economy is booming in India and we wanted to ensure that creators get complete freedom to structure, monitor and own their work in a safe space without worrying about technology and distribution channels. With an easy to drop and play approach, we want content creators to think of Canvas as their ultimate toolkit with everything in one place!”

Speaking on the ecosystem, Madhan Karky adds, “Canvas offers tremendous flexibility, using existing platforms. Imagine if WordPress, YouTube, Facebook and Amazon all merged into a single tool. The best of their features put together is what makes Canvas stand out. It’s a content-centric modular environment, taking care of publishing, distribution and direct audience engagement which allows creators to find novel ways to monetize. Overall, it offers multiple possibilities for creators across genres to build their brands and make an impact.”

Further expanding remunerative possibilities for artists, Canvas has embraced cryptocurrency and is the first Indian company to use non-fungible token(NFT) integrations. This is foreseen to create an uplifting paradigm shift in the passion economy. Additionally, the tool allows micro-transactions. In other words, creators can now put anything from a sentence to a word or even an audio/video file behind a paywall, opening up opportunities for monetization, furthermore. For example, an author may wish to provide almost all the chapters of their book for free to their audience, with only the final two chapters being paid content.

The founding team at Canvas envisions building the future of the creative economy. Canvas is an exclusive tool and currently by invitation only.

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