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Cap table management startup Qapita partners with Citi

American multinational investment bank Citi invested an undisclosed amount in Singapore and Hyderabad-based ESOP and cap table management SaaS startup Qapita’s series A. Last month, the startup raised $15 million in the same round, co-led by East Ventures and Vulcan Capital where NYCA, MassMutual Ventures, Endiya Partners, Alto Partners, Partners of the Northstar Group, K3 Ventures, Mission Holdings, Avaana Capital’s Anjali Bansal and Sujeet Kumar Udaan’s Sujeet Kumar are also participated.

Qapita's aim is to build a network of stakeholders and digitally enable private investments and transactions in the future. Qapita intends to facilitate liquidity solutions through a digital marketplace that allows companies to conduct transactions between investors and employee stakeholders. Qapita anticipates that the value of private securities in this region will exceed $1.0-1.5 trillion (with 200-250 unicorns) in the coming years, and that scalable digital solutions will be critical to the success of such an ecosystem. According to Qapita, more than $150 billion in equity will require liquidity solutions.

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