Caspian looks to invest up to Rs 500 cr in startups this year

Impact investment firm Caspian is looking to nearly double its debt investments in startups to around ₹500 crore this fiscal year, with a key shift in focus towards ventures led or owned by women.

The Hyderabad-based investor, which currently has around ₹550 crore of funds available at its disposal, will also focus on ventures which provide products and services that are non-discretionary, like agri-business, clean energy, education, health and microlending, which are among the least impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We have raised tier-II capital of ₹57 crore at the end of last year from US-based International Development Finance Corporation and we now have enough liquidity of around ₹550 crore, both impact debt and venture debt put together,” managing director S Viswanatha Prasad told ET.

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