CBI finally files case against Cambridge Analytica over Indian Facebook user data mining

CBI has registered a case against UK-based political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica and Global Science Research LTD (GSRL), for “illegally harvesting the personal data Facebook users in India.” About 5.62 L Indian users were affected by this data harvesting.

The enquiry revealed that GSRL founder and director Dr Alexander Kogan created the “thisisyourdigitallife” app, which was authorised to collect specific user data for academic and research purposes according to Facebook’s policy. However, the app collected other personal data of the users like demographic information, pages liked, and contents on private chats without their knowledge or consent.

The CBI had initiated a preliminary inquiry against the two firms in 2018, even Mark Zuckerberg-led Facebook has confirmed that data of nearly 5.7 Lakh Indian users was illegally collected by GSRL and shared with Cambridge Analytica, which was subsequently brokered to political marketers and firms for political ads on Facebook and other social media platforms.

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