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CCPA charged an INR 1 lakh fine on Flipkart for selling sub standard pressure cookers

The Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) charged an INR 1 lakh fine on Flipkart on Wednesday (August 17) for selling sub standard pressure cookers.

In an order, CCPA chief commissioner Nidhi Khare directed Flipkart to recall all 598 sub-standard pressure cookers sold on its platform and notify all aggrieved customers. The consumer protection agency also ordered the ecommerce giant to reimburse affected customers and file a compliance report within 45 days. The fine was imposed for violating customer rights and failing to comply with the Domestic Pressure Cooker (Quality Control) Order of 2021. According to the CCPA, Flipkart earned INR 1,84,263 from the sale of such pressure cookers. The CCPA stated that Flipkart cannot abdicate its 'role and responsibility' arising from the sale to consumers by citing commercial gains from the sale of sub-par pressure cookers.

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