CEO of ZebPay Avinash Shekhar quits; to launch his own venture

Avinash Shekhar, the CEO of Indian crypto startup ZebPay, has stepped down from his current position to launch his own venture.

Shekhar intends to launch a startup in the emerging Web 3.0 space. ZebPay confirmed the development in a statement to Inc42, saying that Shekhar will continue to serve as an advisor to the company. "Avinash will focus on his Web3 startup later this year, but he will continue to serve as a director on ZebPay's advisory board." Rahul (Pagidipati, chairman of ZebPay) has always been a part of ZebPay's decisions and will continue to lead the company in the future, according to the statement. According to reports, ZebPay will own a minority stake in Shekhar's startup. His departure comes just days after the crypto exchange's CFO Tarun Jain left the company.

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