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China’s online dollar store Pinduoduo becomes Amazon's newest rival

The race to bring Chinese-made goods to Western consumers through online stores is on. Pinduoduo, the Chinese e-commerce behemoth known for offering unbelievable deals, has quickly gained traction for its first international venture in the United States.

According to app analytics platform, the company's overseas shopping app, Temu, briefly claimed the top spot among Android shopping apps in the United States in mid-September before slipping to No. 15 this week. Because the rankings only show new downloads, it's difficult to determine the app's user retention and activity. Temu appears to be similar to other e-commerce platforms exporting low-cost goods from China, such as Amazon, Alibaba's AliExpress, or Wish. Its landing page showcases a dazzling array of competitively priced products ranging from $2.77 blouses to $1.39 soap holders.

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