Citysquare app aims to make meetups easy and convenient by finding equidistant locations

Founded by 22-year-old Prashanth Gurunath, the Android application shows you the central location between two or more places. Nobody travels longer than the other, and everyone saves on time and fuel.

"Users just have to enter input locations and the app triangulates and displays a location that’s equidistant to all the places,” Prashant says.

The app also gives Zomato restaurant recommendations, with details of ratings, cost for two people, cuisine, and other relevant information for restaurants in the added locations and the central location.

“In its current version, the app will be helpful for logistic firms to position their headquarters depending on the client base. A lot of money is spent on transportation to figure out availability of riders and drivers to deliver products across the city. So, a driver in a suburb can be assigned routes based on the inventory sorted in the warehouse by address," Prashanth says.

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