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Clubhouse rolls out 'Replay' to let users record live rooms and share them later

Clubhouse hosts and moderators will have a new tool in their arsenal. The company is launching a new feature on both its iOS and Android apps that will allow creators to record an audio room so that anyone who misses the action in real time can listen to it later. The feature was first announced by the company at the end of September.

With the Replay feature, public rooms can be optionally recorded as they happen and saved to a club or user profile. Replays will also be available for download, allowing anyone hosting a room to share it outside of Clubhouse, "as a podcast, a clip on YouTube, an Instagram storey, a TikTok video, or anywhere else."

The rollout of Replay will also include support for pinned links, a feature that Clubhouse previously introduced to allow moderators to highlight a relevant link at the top of a room. Anyone listening to a recorded room will also be able to skip to the next speaker, listen at 1.5 or 2x speed, pause, and record 30-second clips. Clubhouse creators can see who is listening to a room's Replay after the live room has ended, allowing them to connect with other users who did not listen in real time.

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