Companies rush to Baba ka Dhaba for advertising

A few days ago, Baba ka Dhaba was merely a food stall at Malviya Nagar in South Delhi where an old couple was struggling to sell food, but now it has become a place where companies come for advertising and promotional drives.

Life has taken a new turn and now Kanta Prasad (Baba) is looking for a person to assist him in catering to the high demand. He has also become hero for the public as you will easily find people clicking photos with Baba.

People are stopping vehicles at Baba ka Dhaba and clicking photos and taking selfies. His shop is now filled with posters and banners of brands. There is hardly any place left where one can now put posters or banners of their brands.Also, small temporary counters of other products like COVID Insurance have also popped up around Baba ka Dhaba.

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